Unit 3 Islam/Christianity Review Answer Key

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Islam 1
#1 Holy book Koran
#2 Largest and richest city in Islam-- currently home to the Kaaba Mecca/Makkah
#3 Islam's main prophet Muhammed
#4 What was Muhammad's message? What rules for daily living did he teach? Five Pillars of Islam
#5 Two branches of the Islamic faith Suni and Shi'ite
Islam 2
#1 City where Muhammad and his followers journeyed during what is known as the Hijrah? Yathrib or Madinah
#2 Muslim place of worship mosque
#3 What are the the Five Pillars of Islam. and what are their importance to Muslims? Belief, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, Plgrimage; acts of worship which all Muslims must carry out.
#4 west African city of learning and trade Timbuktu
#5 country that has the most Muslims in the world Indonesia
Christianity 1
#1 According to Christians, the son of God Jesus
#2 organization used by the early Christian church hierarchy
#3 How do Christians believe they will be saved and enter heaven? accept Jesus and his teachings
#4 Why were Muslims successful at building an empire? good on horseback; allowed conquered people to follow their own religion
#5 Head of the Catholic church Pope
Christianity 2
#1 people who travel to spread their faith missionaries
#2 holy book of Christianity the Bible
#3 Christianity came out of what other monotheistic religion Judaism
#4 This Roman Emperor ended the persecution of Christians Constantine
#5 How were religion and government related in the Byzantine Empire? The emporer represented Jesus Christ on earth and appointed the Patriarch of Constantinople.
#1 Why did the Chrstian Church split? disagreement over leadership
#2 What was special about the first 4 caliphs compared with those who came after? They were all personally connected to Muhammad.
#3 Jesus often taught through stories or, parables
#4 The holiest place for Muslims; located in Mecca. Kaaba
#5 Two inventions of Muslims Algebra, banking, scientific discoveries
Final Question
Name a holiday from each religion (Islam and Christianity) and why it is celebrated.