4th Grade Word Problems Answer Key

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James bought a new camera. He took pictures of birds and squirrels at the park. He took 63 pictures of birds and 24 pictures of squirrels.

How many pictures did he take in all?

84 pictures


The book store is very busy today. 27 children are listening to a story. 15 adults are reading books and 11 people are in line to buy books. How many people are in the bookstore?

53 people are in the bookstore.


There were 127 passengers on the plane. 29 passengers got on in LA. 38 passengers got on in Tucson. How many passengers were on the plane?

194 passengers were on the plane.

Tuesday’s high temperature was 65 degrees. Wednesday’s high temperature was 19 degrees warmer. What was Wednesday’s high temperature?

84 degrees


Ryan, Dominic, and Brittney were collecting acorns. Ryan gathered 109 in his bag. Dominic collected 87 in his bag. Brittney picked up 132 acorns. At the end of the day, they put all the acorns into a cardboard box. How many acorns were in the box?

328 acorns


Anthony and Emily were in a spelling bee. Anthony spelled 29 words correctly. Emily spelled 37 words correctly. How many more words did Emily spell correctly?

8 words


The Arizona Wildcats played the  USC Trojans in a football game. The Wildcats scored 42 points.The Trojans scored 28 points. How many more points did the Wildcats score than the Trojans?

14 points


Kristine and her friends are raising money for charity. They hope to raise $900 to reach their goal. So far, they have $780. How much more do they need to collect in order to reach their goal?



James and Marla each have a bag of marbles. James has 229 marbles. Marla has 455 marbles. How many more marbles does Marla have than James?

226 marbles

Harry is reading a chapter book that has 432 pages. He has read 117 pages on the first night.  Then he read 109 pages the second night. How many pages does he have left to read?

206 pages

Multiplication and Division

Darren has 21 pencils and seven bags. If he puts the same number of pencils in each bag, how many pencils will be in each bag?

3 pencils


Harry buys 9 dozen eggs. How many eggs does he have in all?

108 eggs


Carla earns $13 an hour cleaning houses. How much will she earn if she works from 8:00am to 2:00pm?



Ms. Anderson is having a cookout. A case of sode serves 12 people. How many cases should Ms. Anderson buy to serve 103 people?

9 cases


Desiree made 100 book marks for charity. She sold all of them for $65.00 each. How much did one bookmark cost?

sixty-five cents

Random Operations

The 4th grade will be having a math contest. There will be eight teams and each team will have four students. How many 4th graders will be in the contest?

There will be 32 students in the contest.


Ashely can solve riddles really quickly. She can solve five riddles in one minute. How many riddles can she solve in seven minutes?

She can solve 35 riddles.

Ken goes to the store and buys a shirt that costs $5.99. He gives the cashier a ten dollar bill. How much change will Ken receive?


Kris baked 3 dozen cupcakes. Don ate five. How many cupcakes did Kris have left?



Three paper bags contain a total of 24 apples. The first and second bags contain a total of 11 apples. The second and third bags contain a total of 18 apples. How many apples are in the first and third bags together?

19 apples

More Word Problems!

Joey is in the school play. He has to learn 30 lines before opening night. He learns 6 lines each night. How many days will it take Joey to learn his lines?

It will take Joey 5 days to learn his lines.


Jake has 38 comic books. He has 15 more than his brother John. How many comic books do they have altogher?

61 comic books


Alexis is reading a really good book. There are 197 pages in her book. She read 19 pages the first day. The second day she couldn't stop reading and read 58 pages. How many pages does Alexis have left to read?

127 pages


Anthony put 107 pretzels in a bowl for a party. Hiis friends ate 38 of them. He 27 more pretzels into the bowl. How many pretzels are in the bowl?

98 pretzels.


Kyle's phone bill is $45 per month. How much does he have to pay for half a year of phone service?


Final Question

A worm has fallen into a hole that is 30 inches deep. It climbs up 8 inches and slides back 3 inches every day. How many days will it take the worm to reach the top?

6 days