Context Clues/Prefixes/Suffixes Jeopardy Answer Key

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Context Clues
#1 SEGREGATION based on race, ethnicity, or sex is discriminatory and should be outlawed. separation
#2 There is great DISPARITY between rich and poor. difference
#3 Donít feel ABASHED when you make a mistake. embarrassed
#4 I am SUBORDINATE to the president and must follow his orders. beneath
#5 The company EXPLOITED the workers because they were only paid $1.00 per hour for their labors. took advantage of
Clues...In The Context
#1 Put on an INTREPID face and meet your fears head on. brave
#2 Mother Theresa was ALTRUISTIC. She was always helping others. unselfish
#3 The young boy is ADROIT. He can figure out just about any game. skillful
#4 The weather in Missouri is CAPRICIOUS. One day it is 90 degrees; the next day it snows. unpredictable
#5 I hope we can reach an AMICABLE agreement. I donít like to fight. peaceful
Fixes, both Pre and Suf
#1 What suffix do you need to add to the word 'travel' in order to make it mean 'person who travels'? -er (traveler)
#2 What prefix would you add to the word 'agree' to make it mean the opposite? dis- (disagree)
#3 What suffix would you add to the word 'fear' to make it mean 'without fear'? -less (fearless)
#4 How do the prefixes im-, in-, non-, and un- change the meaning of words? They mean 'not.' Example: imperfect = not perfect
#5 The word that suffixes and prefixes modify is called the _______. root word
Lil Wayne
#1 Lil Wayne is EXUBERANT. He gets the crowd excited. enthusiastic
#2 Some people might think Lil Wayne is a rapping NOVICE. They think he should take some rapping classes. beginner
#3 'You had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart. Never really had luck, couldn't ever figure out how to love.' Lil Wayne's lyrics are AMATORY. romantic
#4 Lil Wayne's crazy outfits and face tattoos might lead some people to think that he is ECCENTRIC. crazy, strange
#5 On stage, Lil Wayne sometimes looks ELATED, like there is nowhere else he'd rather be. extremely happy
March Madness
#1 The Florida vs. UCLA game should be interesting. Both teams are ADEPT. good, skillful
#2 Arizona will probably beat SDSU, because they have a better record. They will be a tough ADVERSARY. opponent
#3 Dayton vs. Stanford might be a close game. Both teams COVET the title. want
#4 If your team doesn't make it to the Elite 8, please try not to be too HOSTILE. Some fans go too far and end up getting into fights. angry
#5 Once Syracuse lost, his bracket was totally ANNIHILATED. There was nothing he could do to save it. destroyed
Final Question
Anyone who plays Lafayette gets DISCOMBOBULATED by our amazing loud crowd. We apologize for nothing! messed up, thrown off