Physics MCAS Review Answer Key

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Motion and Forces
#1 If Valeria is changing her velocity, we say she is... What is accelerating?
#2 Attractive force between any two masses What is gravity?
#3 Ricardo has a mass of 55 kg. The scale pushes up on him with this much force What is 550 N?
#4 A force that keeps objects going in circles What is centripetal force?
#5 A distance vs. time graph for an object moving with a constant speed looks like this... (draw it) What is a graph with constant slope?
Energy and Momentum
#1 This is how you can change the potential energy of an object What is change the height? (or mass...)
#2 Marcquaja rolls a 6 kg bowling down the lane at 5 m/s and gets a strike. The ball has this much momentum. What is 30 kg m/s?
#3 The total momentum of two objects with equal masses and speed moving towards each other What is 0?
#4 Whenever we change the energy in an object, we do this to the object What is do work?
#5 Chris uses this much power when he moves a table 5 m by pushing it with a force of 20 N in 4 seconds What is 25 W?
Heat and Temperature
#1 The type of heat transfer that happens when Ester gives Christina a hug What is conduction?
#2 Heat moves through these materials quickly What are conductors?
#3 It takes a lot of energy to change the temperature of water. What does this mean about its specific heat? What is a high specific heat?
#4 When Xavier puts his energy drink into the fridge, it cools down until it reaches the same temperature as the inside, reaching this. What is thermal equilibrium?
#5 Troia adds 350 J of heat energy to 70 g of coffee. The change in temperature is this. (The specific heat of coffee is 4.2 J/g C) What is 1.19 degrees Celcius?
Electricity and Magnetism
#1 Like charges do this What is repel?
#2 This provides the energy of a closed circuit What is the battery?
#3 This is what a parallel circuit looks like with circuit symbols... (draw it!) What are 2 separate loops
#4 If the distance between two charges is divided by 2, the electric force is multiplied by this number What is 4?
#5 We can create this by moving magnets What is current?
#1 The height of a wave What is amplitude?
#2 If a wave has a high frequency, you know this about its wavelength What is short?
#3 A wave with a frequency of 6 Hz and a wavelength of 3 m moves at this speed What is 18 m/s?
#4 When light rays bend when they move from air to water, it is called this What is refraction?
#5 The pitch of a sound wave depends on this What is frequency?
Final Question
What are 3 things that are true about all electromagnetic waves? They are transverse, they travel in a vacuum, they travel at the speed of light, or they carry energy