4th Grade Math Vocabulary Answer Key

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Number Sense
#1 What is a group of three digits separated by commas in a multi-digit number? A period
#2 What is the name for how much a given digit is worth? A value
#3 What is the answer to an addition problem? A sum
#4 What is the property stating that you can add two or more numbers in any order and get the same sum The commutative property or the order property
#5 What is the answer to a subtraction problem? The difference
#1 What is a part of a number sentence that combines numbers and operation signs but does NOT have an equal sign? An expression
#2 What are the symbols used to show which part of an expression should be done FIRST? Parenthesis
#3 What is a letter or symbol that stand for a number? A variable
#4 What is a number sentence which shows that 2 quantities are equal? An equation
#5 What is the order in which you should figure your steps in a multi-operational problem? Order of operations
#1 What is a line that represents one occurrence, when you mark your fifth occurrence it is marked with a diagonal line? A tally mark
#2 What is the number of items that occurs the most often in a set of data? The mode
#3 What is the middle number in an ordered set of data? The median
#4 TWhat is the difference between the greatest and least number in a set of data? The range
#5 What is the tens digit in a stem and leaf plot? What is the ones digit? Stem is the tens digit, Leaf is the ones digit
Multiplication and Division
#1 What is the answer to a multiplication problem? a division problem? A product is the answer to multiplication. A quotient is the answer to a division problem.
#2 What are operations that undo each other, opposite operations? Inverse operations
#3 What is the number found by dividing the sum of a set of numbers by the number of addends? The mean or average
#4 What is a whole number great than 1 that has only two factors, 1 and itself? A prime number
#5 What is the amount left over when a number cannot be divided equally? A remainder
#1 What is an exact location in space? A point
#2 What is a straight path in a plane, extending in both directions with no endpoints? A line
#3 What is a part of a line with one endpoint, that continues without end in one direction? A ray
#4 What is a point at which two rays or line segments meet? A vertex (vertices)
#5 What are two lines that intersect to form four right angles? Perpendicular lines
Final Question
What is a table that matches each input value with a given output value? The output values are determined by a rule. A function table