Fact and Opinion/Comparing Numbers Answer Key

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#1 Flowers are so pretty. Opinion
#2 Sunny days are the best. Opinion
#3 Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Harris and Ms. Obelar teach first grade. Fact
#4 True or False? 77 is less than 117. True
#5 We learn about important people in school. Fact
#1 April is a month that comes during the spring. Fact
#2 True or False? 55 is equal to 55. True
#3 Eggs taste better when scrambled with cheese. Opinion
#4 114 is greater than, less than or equal to 104? Greater Than
#5 True or False? Equal to is another way to say the same. True
#1 Rosa Parks was a very nice lady. Opinion
#2 We use computers to help us find information. Fact
#3 Jupiter is a planet in our solar system. Fact
#4 It is easier to subtract numbers than it is to add numbers. Opinion
#5 Camels can drink 500 cups of water in ten minutes Fact
#1 First grade loves to eat broccoli. Opinion
#2 True or False? 5 is greater than 20. False
#3 Dr. Seuss' books are so funny. Opinion
#4 Harriet Tubman was a conductor of the Underground Railroad. Fact
#5 True or False? If a number is greater than another number it means that it is bigger. True
#1 66 is equal to, less than, or greater than 116? Less Than
#2 111 is equal to, less than, or greater than 101? Greater Than
#3 True or False? 98 is equal to 98. True
#4 True or False? 114 is less than 112. False
#5 True or False? Smallest, least, little mean the same as greater than False
Final Question
True or False? 1000 is greater than, less than, or equal to 1001 Less Than