Greece Quiz #1 Review Answer Key

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Greek Geography I
#1 What did the Greeks use to travel and trade? The Ocean
#2 What three products did the Greeks grow themselves? Grain, Grapes, and Olives
#3 What three products did the Greeks sell? Wine, soap, and olives and olive oil
#4 Why did the Greeks need to trade? They did not have enough food in Greece
#5 What were the Greek looking for when they colonized other places? Living space, pastures for livestock, and farmland
Greek Geography II
#1 Why was sea trading difficult? The ocean is dangerous
#2 Why did the Greeks have to use the ocean to travel and trade? The mountains were too rugged
#3 How did the mountains benefit the Greeks? Protected them from each other
#4 How did the mountains hurt the Greeks? Infertile land, only 20% of land farm-able
#5 Why is trading for food with other people dangerous? They need to have a surplus and like you.
Civilizations I
#1 Built fortress cities with thick walls Mycenaean
#2 Peaceful people, no defences Minoan
#3 Value strength, wealth, and honor Mycenaean
#4 Buried their dead with treasure Mycenaean
#5 Value art, writing, and culture Minoan
Civilizations II
#1 Centered in Crete Minoan
#2 Violent, warlike people Mycenaean
#3 Wealthy from trade and plunder Mycenaean
#4 Built mall-style cities Minoan
#5 Got conquered by the other civilization Minoan
Dark Ages
#1 What is a Dark Age Time when culture and learning disappear
#2 What did the Sea Peoples do? Interrupt trade
#3 What did the Earthquakes do? Destroy Mycenaean cities
#4 What did the Dorians do? Invade from the North and displace the Hellenes
#5 Why is Homer important? His accounts are the only records we have for 400 years
Final Question
What is the title of the epic poem by Homer? The Iliad