COMS 265 Test 4 - Final Exam Review Answer Key

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Communication Law
#1 If Johnny Depp, Kristen Stewart, or Justin Bieber, for example, wants to sue successfully for libel, they will need to prove what? Actual Malice
#2 A computer device that enables parents or any other viewer to program a TV set to block access to programs containing violent or sexual content based on the program rating is known as what? The V-Chip
#3 What was developed to protect journalists from legal challenges to their freedom to report the news Shield Laws
#4 In the 1971 case of New York Times Co. v. United States, the Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling that had stopped the Times from publishing what? Pentagon Papers
#5 Falsely shouting “fire” in a crowded theater is a restriction on speech known as what Clear and Present Danger
Media Ethics
#1 What is the basic ethical principle often cited as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Golden Rule
#2 “The greatest good for the greatest number” is associated with which ethical system? Utilitarianism
#3 In its current code of ethics, the Society of Professional Journalists urges journalists to be which three things when gathering, reporting, and interpreting information? Honest, fair, and courageous
#4 The News of the World caused a widespread scandal when its reporters did what to celebrities, sports stars, politicians, and the families of crime victims Hacked Their Phones
#5 The practice of companies making themselves or their products appear to be organic, environmentally friendly, or supportive of free trade is called what? Greenwashing
Media Theory & Research
#1 What usually involves total control of the transmission of information, often without the audience knowing who is controlling the message Propaganda
#2 Prompting widespread panic, Orson Welles's broadcast of what convinced many listeners that Martians were invading the East Coast War of the Worlds
#3 What famous proponent of medium theory, coined the phrase “the medium is the message.” Marshall McLuhan
#4 What studies were conducted in the 1950s to show that children exposed to violent television programming were prone to commit acts of violence themselves Bobo Doll Studies
#5 When a group of people talk about the news of the day, media play what role in this conversation? Agenda Setting
Mass Comm & Politics
#1 What have been increasingly significant in political elections since the first use of radio in 1924 Electronic Media
#2 What is primarily a professional polling organization? Gallup
#3 Like other industries, the media industry uses what to get politicians to vote in favor of laws and regulations that would benefit them Lobbies
#4 Journalism aspires to be an engine of democracy, yet critics often see what in political news coverage? Media Bias
#5 In the final weeks of Trump's presidential campaign, his social media team spent $150 million in Facebook ads that targeted African American voters with what? Negative Messages About Hillary Clinton
#1 Which federal agency is responsible for ferreting out and levying fines for deception in advertising? FTC
#2 Criticism of some early 1920s films centered on depictions of what? Nudity
#3 Media professionals in what area do not wrestle with the same issues regarding truth because their content is not held to the same ethical standards as other media categories Entertainment
#4 According to Pew, over half the public got 2016 presidential election news from where Social Media Sites
#5 The hypodermic-needle theory has been called what model of mass communication The Magic Bullet
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