Hunters/Gatherers and Agricultural Revolution Answer Key

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#1 Where did the Siberians come from? Asia and Siberia
#2 How did the Siberians travel to the Western Hemisphere? By foot, using a land bridge, Beringia
#3 Why did the Siberians travel to the Western Hemisphere? They were following big game/food
#1 Where did the Solutreans come from? Europe- possibly France
#2 How did the Solutreans travel to the Western Hemisphere? By crossing the Atlantic ocean using a canoe like boat.
#3 Why did the Solutreans travel to the Western Hemisphere? We are not sure. They could have been following food, exploring new land, etc.
Hunters and Gatherers and the Earliest People
#1 What is the range of time the earliest people migrated to the Western Hemisphere? 20,000- 10,000 years ago
#2 Who were usually the hunters? Males/Men
#3 Who were usually the gatherers? Females/Women
#4 What did the hunters hunt? Big game like mastodons, mammoths, and giant ground sloths.
#5 What did the gatherers gather? Nuts and berries
Agricultural Revolution
#1 How long ago did the agricultural revolution begin? 10,000 years ago
#2 Where did agriculture begin? Fertile Crescent in the Middle East
#3 What is agriculture? farming; the business of producing crops and raising livestock
#4 What is sedentism? settling down to live in groups for a period of time (staying in one place).
Causes of the Agricultural Revolution
#1 Explain how did climate change help cause the agricultural revolution? The climate became warmer, wetter, and more stable, which made it better for farming.
#2 Explain how did sedentism help cause the agricultural revolution? Hunters/gatherers stopped moving around as much and began growing their own food and relying more on the land. Farming was a guaranteed food source.
#3 Explain how did population growth helpcause the agricultural revolution? As people started to stay in one place they were able to have children closer together in age because they didn't have to worry about moving around as much. More people, gave them more of a need for food.
#4 Explain how did the depletion of big game help cause the agricultural revolution? Much of the big game was wiped out, so these people needed a new food source. New food source = AGRICULTURE
#5 Explain how did competition help cause the agricultural revolution? People started paying attention to who could provide the largest feast.
Final Question
Name at least three ways that life changed once the Agricultural Revolution happened? Agriculture lead to environmental destruction, deforestation, displacement of natural wildlife, and the genetic modification of plants. It also provided people with a stable and reliable food source. Civilizations were created due to the agricultural revolution. People needed to create more systems and organized all their goods. They also needed to build walls and other building to help protect their wealth (food). Hierarchies of wealth, status, and power began to appear in civilizations. People were divided between those who direct (boss) and those who were directed (workers).