APGoPo Unit 3 Answer Key

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Ch 11: Political Parties
#1 party meeting held in the presidential year for the purpose of nominating candidate for the ticket national convention
#2 an unpledged candidate in the Democratic Party superdelegate
#3 collection of policy oriented researchers and academics that are sources of policy ideas think tank
#4 a party organization that recruits voter loyalty in exchange for incentives political machine
#5 a gradual rearrangement of party coalitions, usually based on demographic shifts secular realignment
Ch 13: The Campaign Process
#1 the process by which a campaign reaches individual voters, by door or telephone canvassing
#2 the individual who travels with the candidate and coordinate the campaign campaign manager
#3 The individual who coordinates the financial business of the campaign finance chair
#4 fund raising organizations that represent interest groups and can legally make contributions to campaigns political action committee (PAC)
#5 ad that compares the records and proposals of the candidate with a bias towards the candidate sponsoring the ad contrast ad
Ch 14: The Media
#1 Info provided to a journalist that will not be attributed to a named sourc on background
#2 form of investigative journalism exposing corruption and misconduct muckraking
#3 targeting media programming at specific populations withini society. narrowcasting
#4 limitations on the substance of mass media content regulation
#5 a document offering an official comment or position press release
Ch 15: Special Interests
#1 activities of a group or organization that seek to persuade political leaders to support the group's positions lobbying
#2 potential members fail to join a group, because they can get the benefit without contributing to the effort free rider problem
#3 a person who finances a group or individual activity patron
#4 theory that public policy are the result of narrowly defined exchanges among political actors (elites) transactions theory
#5 group that represents a specific industry trade association
Mix Tape!
#1 the individual charged with interacting and communicating with journalists on a daily basis press secretary
#2 a person's political affinity for a political party party identification
#3 the process of forming the list of issues to be addressed by the government agenda setting
#4 the increasingly conflicting and divided viewpoints between parties polarization
#5 a voting system that apportions legislative seats according to to the % of vote won proportional representation
Final Question
How much money did both candidates spend in the 2008 Presidential Campaign? 5.3 billion $$