The Giver Answer Key

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Guess Who
#1 What is the name of the child Jonas's family takes care of? Gabe
#2 What is the name of the previous Receiver-in-Training who failed? Rosemary
#3 Who leads the Ceremony of Twelve? The Chief Elder
#4 Name Jonas's two friends and their job assignments. Asher- Assistant Director of Recreation Fiona- Caretaker of the Old
#5 Who was described as the "bearded man with the old eyes"? The Giver
Its a Celebration!
#1 At what ceremony do people get assigned jobs? The Ceremony of Twelve
#2 At what age do children receive bicycles? Nine
#3 What happens at the Ceremony of Release? A person is injected with a liquid that causes them to die
#4 What happens to Jonas at the Ceremony of Twelve? At first he is skipped but then he is named the Receiver of Memory
#5 At which ceremony are the new children given to their families? The Naming
Home Sweet Home
#1 In the community, what makes a family? A mother, father, and two children, a boy and a girl
#2 What were the members of the community required to do to control their dreams? Take pills
#3 What happens in the community when twins are born? The smaller one is released
#4 Why did the community go to Sameness? They were afraid that people would make the wrong choices
#5 What word is "too general" to be used in the community? Love
Its Off to Work We Go
#1 What physical characteristic is required in order to be the Receiver? Pale eyes
#2 What is Jonas allowed to do after he receives his Assignment that other people in the community are not allowed to do? Lie
#3 What is the Capacity to See Beyond? To see color
#4 Which Assignment is considered low and not honorable? Birthmother
#5 Why does Jonas need courage to be the Receiver? His new job will be hard and painful
#1 What is the first memory the Giver gives Jonas? Snow
#2 What is the first painful memory the Giver gives Jonas? Sunburn
#3 What is the Giver's favorite memory? Christmas with grandparents
#4 What memory did the Giver give to Rosemary that made her request release? Loneliness after a child was taken away from its parents
#5 What memory causes Jonas to get upset when playing with his friends? The memory of the Civil War
Final Question
Who is the author if The Giver? Lois Lowry