The Giver Final Review Answer Key

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Main Characters
#1 Who is chosen to be the new Receiver? Jonas
#2 Who performed her own release? Rosemary
#3 Who works at the House of the Old? Fiona
#4 Whose name isn't to be spoken? Rosemary
#5 Who was appointed Recreation Director? Asher
#1 When is the time when people in The Community are assigned their jobs? The Ceremony of 12
#2 What do children in the community receive when they become nines? A bicycle
#3 What was Jonas's first color experience? When the apple he was playing catch with turned red
#4 What ceremony was performed when Caleb died? The Ceremony of Loss
#5 What do sevens receive to promote independence? A front-buttoned jacket
Who Said?
#1 Who said, "Even I voted for Gabriel's release when we had the meeting,"? Jonas's father
#2 Who said, "We had a visiting group of Sevens and they didn't obey the rules,"? Lily
#3 Who said, "I want my smack,"? Asher
#4 Who says, "I love you," to Jonas? The Giver
#5 Wha says, "Jonas has not been assigned. Jonas has been selected,"? Chief Elder
#1 What is the method of release used in the community? An injection
#2 Why do Community members begin taking a daily pill as teens? To stop the stirrings
#3 What is Gabe's comfort object? A hippo
#4 What is used to chastise young children? Discipline wand
#5 What is Jonas's first memory of pain? A sunburn
#1 How do Jonas and Gabe escape the heat-seeking planes? Jonas cools them with memories of snow
#2 What does The Giver show Jonas from the Hall of Closed Records? The release of the smaller twin
#3 Why is it important for the Receiver to hold the memories? So he can help the Elders make decisions about new situations
#4 Why won't the Giver go with Jonas to "Elsewhere"? He needs to help the community deal with the memories
#5 What memory does Jonas give Gabe when he first discovers Gabe can "receive"? The memory of sailing
Final Question
What three training instructions does Jonas receive when he is given his assignment? He may lie, he may be rude, he may not apply for release.