The Giver Trivia Answer Key

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#1 How old is Jonas when he becomes the Receiver of Memory? 12
#2 What do Jonas and Gabe have in common? Pale Eyes
#3 Which of the following was not written on Jonas’s Assignment sheet? (A) You are permitted to lie (B) You are not permitted to apply for release (C) You are not permitted to apply for a spouse (D) You are exempted from rules governing rudeness
#4 What is the first memory Jonas receives? A ride on a sled through falling snow
#5 How does Jonas help the newchild Gabriel go to sleep? He transmits memories of peaceful sails on a lake
The Community
#1 In the first chapter, why is the Pilot released from the community? He flew his plane over the community -- agaist the rules!
#2 Which rule is most frequently broken in Jonas’s community? BIke riding under age 9
#3 What do the numbers assigned to each child signify? Their age and birth order for their year
#4 How does the community react to the death of a child in the river? They chant the child’s name over and over, each time more and more softly - Ceremony of Loss
#5 Who is Edna? A member of the House of the Old who was released and led an uneventful life as a birthmother, according to Larissa.
The Giver
#1 Where did the Giver get his wisdom? From memories transmitted by the previous Receiver
#2 What group does The Giver provide advise to? The Committe of Elders
#3 Did The Giver ever have a family? Yes - he has a wife
#4 Why does The Giver send Jonas away some days instead of training him? He is too overwhelmend with too many bad memories
#5 What is The GIver's name? The Giver - a typical name for him is never used in the book
Random Category
#1 How many boes are in the typical adult human body? 206
#2 Which sells more product annually - Coke or Pepsi? Coke
#3 Who was the 3rd President of the USA? Jefferson
#4 From what animal does bacon come? Pig
#5 What is my favorite number? 5
Random Triva About The Giver
#1 Who is the Author? Lois Lowry
#2 How to the Elders decide what jobs to give the 12's? They observe them and assign the jobs based on their aptitude
#3 Why had Asher received several beatings with the discipline wand when he was younger? Lack of precise language
#4 What is the downside of Jonas's prestigious position? All of his relationships with people have changed
#5 What permission in his Receiver of Memory rules surprises Jonas the most? He may lie
Final Question
True or False: Once a memory is transmitted person sending the memory loses it forever. True! They may have faded memories similar to that concept, but that memory goes forever.