Climate Change Review Answer Key

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The Greenhouse Effect
#1 What would Earth be like without the greenhouse effect? very cold
#2 Name a manmade greenhouse gas. CFC's
#3 Which greenhouse gas absorbs the most heat? water vapor
#4 Which greenhouse gas is created by burning fossil fuels? Carbon dioxide
#5 How long do CFC's stay in the atmosphere? 100 Years
Global Warming and Climate Change
#1 True or False: All plants, animals and people are affected by changes in the climate True
#2 Define climate change change in weather patterns over a long period of time
#3 How many degrees has the temperature risen in the last 100 years? 1 degree
#4 Define global warming. an average increase in Earth's surface temperature
#5 Explain why a SMALL change in temperature can make a big difference. Name two changes that could occur. sea levels will rise, hurricanes will become stronger and more intense, glaciers will melt, more droughts and heatwaves
Evidence of Climate Change
#1 What does a paleoclimatologist study? past climate changes
#2 Explain what a proxie is. They are examples of evidence showing changes in the climate and greenhouse gasses
#3 Why do scientists want to find out information about how the Earth's climate changed during the past? It will give them a prediction of future events
#4 Name two proxies of climate change ice core samples, tree rings, coral samples,sedimentary rock samples, sediment layers
#5 How do scientists know the amounts of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere at certain times during the past? they study air bubbles trapped in ice samples
#1 True or False: All cars are fueled by petroleum false
#2 How can a car be more fuel efficient? use the AC less, buy smaller compact cars that get good gas milage
#3 Describe a type of car that would cause a greater amount of damage to the environment. Large SUV or Trucks with low gas milage
#4 What are steam engines fueled by? burning coal
#5 Explain how farming affects the environment since it became modernized? The same amount of land was used, but the machines used now add to burning fossil fuels and increasing temperatures
Human Influenced Factors
#1 In the past, was climate change a natural event or human caused? occured naturally in the past
#2 Which is more environmentaly friendly, using a train or truck to transport goods? train
#3 Explain how population growth leads to climate change. More people means more cities, more homes and more heating and cooling needs, more fossil fuels will be burnt, more transportation and vehicles will be needed
#4 Name three activities people do in their daily lives that lead to climate change. driving cars. electricity, heating and cooling homes and buildings, building cities, farming, water heating, cooking, waching clothes
#5 Explain why deforestation is believed to be causing Earth's climate to change. trees absord carbon dioxide. If the trees are cut down, then there is nothing to absord the carbon and the gasses get released into the atmosphere
Final Question
Why are scientists so concerned with the changes in the climate right now? The changes are happening more rapidly and frequently. Natural events are now more severe. The small rise in temperature that has been recorded has lead to droughts, floods, sea level rising, loss of land, and glaciers melting, etc.