Cold War Answer Key

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Early Cold War
#1 Supplying Berlin to prevent a communist takeover What is the Berlin Airlift?
#2 Artificial boundry between North and South Korea What is the 38th Parallel?
#3 Economic aid package to Western Europe What is the Marshall Plan?
#4 Military alliance between the United States and Western Europe What is NATO?
#5 Policy to help free nations fight communism What is the Truman Doctrine?
Cold War Hysteria
#1 US Industry targeted by HUAC investigations What is Hollywood?
#2 These were built to protect people from radiation What are fall out shelters?
#3 Couple who were convicted and executed for spying Who are Julius and Ethel Rosenberg?
#4 US Senator who helped encourage fear of communism Who is McCarthy?
#5 Hearings watched on this new technology ended the witch hunt led by Senator Joseph McCarthy What is television?
Cold War Tensions
#1 The first artificial earth satellite that lauchned the space race What is Sputnik?
#2 The is was built to keep East Germans from escaping to the West What is the Berlin Wall?
#3 Communist revolutionary who took over Cuba in 1959 Who is Fidel Castro?
#4 Crisis in the Caribbean that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war What is the Cuban Missile Crisis?
#5 Organization that was created to lead America's space program What was NASA?
#1 Congressional resolution that allowed President Johnson to wage war in Vietnam What is the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution?
#2 This was considered a turning point in the Vietnam War What was the Tet Offensive?
#3 Policy of turning over the fighting to the South Vietnamese Army What was Vietnamization?
#4 Location of fatal clash between National Guardsman and Protesters in 1970 What is Kent State?
#5 Challenges faced by US soldiers in Vietnam What are guerilla warfare, terrain?
#1 Liquid fire What is Napalm?
#2 The new communist power in East Asia in 1949 What is China?
#3 Leader of Communist North Vietnam Who is Ho Chi Minh?
#4 First Human to orbit the Earth Who is Yuri Gagarin?
#5 Agreement that led to the end of above ground nuclear testing What is the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty?
Final Question