FINAL EXAM REVISION Activate B1 Answer Key

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Verb Form? What's the grammar topic?
#1 If I __ (be) you, I'd study harder for the final exam! WERE - Second Conditional
#2 The students were ___ (take) a photograph by the teacher. TAKEN - Passive Voice
#3 They __ (not have) dinner, if they don't hurry up! WON'T HAVE - First Conditional
#4 It's got a lovely view, __ it? HASN'T - Question Tags
#5 Peter asked where I __ (go) the previous night. HAD BEEN - Reported Speech
Tenses - Give an example with a time word
#1 Present Continuous My cat is sleeping on the sofa now.
#2 Present Simple She doesn't read the novel every day.
#3 Past Continuous and Past Simple Yesterday John lost his camera when he was climbing the mountain.
#4 Present Perfect Continuous I have been working hard for hours.
#5 Past Perfect and Past Simple Mum had prepared our breakfast before we woke up.
Regular and Irregular verbs - Write them down
#1 What's the past simple form of: write - hear - play? WROTE - HEARD - PLAYED
#2 What's the past participle form of: study - cut - choose? STUDIED - CUT - CHOSEN
#3 What's the past simple form of: break - see - try? BROKE - SAW - TRIED
#4 What's the past participle form of: be - spend - watch? BEEN - SPENT - WATCHED
#5 What's the past participle form of: come - know - put? COME - KNOWN - PUT
Wordformation - Prefixes and Suffixes
#1 He's __ (terrify) of insects. TERRIFIED
#2 I want to go to a __ (relax) hotel. RELAXING
#3 __ (compete) are preparing for the next marathon. COMPETITORS
#4 A BMW car is more __ (afford) than a Ford car. AFFORDABLE
#5 My sister is a __ (music). MUSICIAN
Vocabulary - Define
#1 Canteen - Portable Teacher checks!
#2 Judge - Carnival - Teacher checks!
#3 Argue - Cash Teacher checks!
#4 Science Lab - Fortnight Teacher checks!
#5 Researcher - Put up with Teacher checks!
Final Question
Where did your teacher travelled after winter holidays? To Europe