2300 Exam2B review Answer Key

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diagrams (last category & go to the board)
#1 diagram the 3 parts of the Gothic/Christian church in elevation
#2 diagram the Panathenaic Procession through the Athenian Agora
#3 diagram the Temple of Khons or RamesesII and 4 key vocab
#4 diagram the multiple ways the caldarium exudes hierarchy at the Baths of Caracalla
#5 diagram the Imperial Fora with temple placement and procession
Ise shrine vocab
#1 'way of the kami', religion with a reverence to nature Shinto
#2 spirit in Shinto religion kami
#3 the specific reliquary of significance at Ise Shrine sacred heart mirror
#4 precedent for the style of the lifted building and pointed roof at Ise Shrine folkhouse
#5 secondary diety worshipped at Ise Shrine, diety to food, housing and clothing Toyouke
#1 the simple trabeated arch repeated at Ise Shrine tori arch
#2 bath hot in temperature caldarium
#3 light that comes in from high above clerestory
#4 bath medium in temperature tepidarium
#5 primary diety worshipped at Ise Shrine, goddess of light Amerterasu
Gothic Structural innovations
#1 arch that changed shape to relieve lateral thrust pointed arch
#2 structural exoskeleton to the Gothic church flying buttress
#3 the most structural elements on the ceiling interiors rib vaults
#4 bundles of columns piers
#5 blank question blank
more vocab
#1 cave like sapce in a garden grotto
#2 large circular window at the end of the transept rose window
#3 most sculptural area in the Gothic church tympanum
#4 thin grille of stone that holds the rose window in place tracery
#5 small building in a landscape (not miniature) casino
Final Question