Activate B1 Revision units 1 to 5 Answer Key

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Vocabulary: Say three...
#1 Say three jobs connected to Music. DJ, manager, singer, musician, dancer, conductor
#2 Say three things you can see at a festival. audience, dancers, singers, performers, crowd, fireworks, a parade, a float
#3 Say three rooms you can find at school. canteen, corridors, assembly hall, toilets, clssrooms, staff room, head teacher's office, playground, lab
#4 Say three ways of paying for something. cheque, credit card, cash
#5 Say three words containing 3 different negative prefixes. irresponsible, illegal, imposible, dishonest, unable, informal
Prepositions: Complete
#1 I'm not very good ____ drawing.She likes working ___ her own.My dad hates working ___ pressure. AT ON UNDER
#2 She's frightened ___ spiders. Are you keen ___ dancing? I'm really worried __ her exam result. OF ON ABOUT
#3 Can you keep an eye ___ the baby while I take a bath? Dona always puts her heart ___ everything she does. Mum took ___ tennis lessons last week. ON INTO UP
#4 I've already saved ___ 3,000! Stop laughing ___ her. Lisa was blamed ___ breking the window. UP AT FOR
#5 Can you help me put ___ this tent? You can't judge him just ___ his appearance. Stop staring ____ him, he will get angry. UP BY AT
#1 Our football ___ (manage) isn't very friendly, he seems to be ____ (disappoint) all the time. MANAGER, DISAPPOINTED
#2 It isn't ___ (legal) to drink alcohol but you must be really ___ (response). ILLEGAL, RESPONSIBLE
#3 She received a ___ (punish) for her bad ___ (behave). PUNISHMENT, BEHAVIOUR
#4 I'm so __ (excite) about my holidays! I know they'll be really ___ (enjoy). EXCITED, ENJOYABLE
#5 Lady Gaga is a ___ (success) singer, she sings really ___ (good). SUCCESSFUL, WELL
Grammar: give an example
#1 First Conditional Sentence If he rrives home early, he'll have dinner with his family.
#2 Relative clause with WHO That's the singer WHO came to my party.
#3 Modal Verb of Certainty CAN'T This CAN'T be Melisa's sister, they don't have the same surname.
#4 Second Conditional Sentence If I were you, I would go to that parade.
#5 Modal Verb of probability SHOULD You SHOULD listen to your mum when she says something important.
#2 WILL / SHALL I help you with the washing up, mum? SHALL
#3 Cindy WAS SLEEPING/ SLEPT when the accident happened. WAS SLEEPING
#4 Last year we HAVE TRAVELLED / TRAVELLED to Australia. TRAVELLED
#5 The train IS LEAVING / LEAVES in 5 minutes, hurry up! LEAVES
Final Question
Where's the Chocolate Festival Celebrated? GERMANY HOLLAND CANADA CANADA