Surgical Technology Review Answer Key

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Trauma 1
#1 Most common organ injured in blunt trauma? Spleen
#2 An emergency thoracotomy may be indicated in the patient with? Penetrating trauma to the chest
#3 When trauma is involved,___ often begins at the time of injury due to heat loss? Hypothermia
#4 Motor vehicle accidents account for about ___ of maxillofacial injuries? 60%
#5 Myocardial contusions usually involve the? Right ventricle
Trauma 2
#1 Gun shot or stab wound is considered what type of wound? Penetrating
#2 Trauma to the skeletal system usually results in? Contusion or fracture
#3 Deceleration injury would include what two types? Fall or from striking the steering wheel
#4 Swelling of the muscles below the fascia covering may compromise circulation and result in eventual loss of the extremity. This condition is? Compartment syndrome
#5 Injures of the eye are usually what type of traumas? Blunt or penetrating
#1 The cranial nerve that regulates secretion of gastric juice is the? X Vagus Nerve
#2 Which cranial nerve is severed as a last result treatment of Meniere’s Disease? Cranial nerve VIII
#3 Trauma to which two cranial nerves would result in the loss of smell and vision? I and II Olfactory and Optic
#4 Which cranial nerve is affected by trigeminal neuralgia? Cranial nerve V Trigeminal
#5 Name all 12 cranial nerves? Olfactory optic oculomotor trochlear abducens facial vestibulocochlear glossopharyngeal vagus spinal accessory hypoglossal
#1 Rod like shaped bacteria are identified microscopically as? Bacilli
#2 Clostridium tetrani causes? Tetanus
#3 Bacteria that causes rheumatic fever is? Streptococcus
#4 Which bacteria is commonly found in soil? Clostridium tetani
#5 Hepatitis B (serum hepatitis) is caused by a? Virus
#1 A suture used to retract a structure to the side of the operative field is called? Traction suture
#2 Suture to close muscle/fascia after lumbar laminectomy? 0 vicryl GC or CT-1
#3 What type of suture would you use on subcuticular layer of the chin? 4-0 monocryl PS-1 CC
#4 What is the best synthetic substitute for stainless steel? polypropylene
#5 What type of suture is best used on an infected wound? Nylon (monofilament)
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