Human Impact on the Biosphere Review Answer Key

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Habitat Destruction
#1 Define the term Deforestation The destruction of a forest
#2 true of false: habitat destruction does not impact species false
#3 what is one effect of habitat destruction on species many animals die and few migrate
#4 Name one way we can prevent habitat loss limit human population number
#5 Name two benifits of habtat destruction for humans agricultural land and housing
Greenhouse Effect
#1 What are CFC's a form of gas that has been released into the athmosphere
#2 name a pollutant smog
#3 define global warming the increase in earths temperature
#4 what is the ozone shield layer of ozone gas in the upper atmosphere
#5 what is a major greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide
Acid Rain
#1 Define Acid Rain sulfur and nitrogen compounds are produced when fossil fuels burn can combine with moisture in the atmosphere
#2 What are the two compounds in Acid Rain sulfur and nitrogen
#3 What is the PH of Acid Rain 5.6 or less
#4 true or false: when moisture falls to the Earth it becomes acid rain false
#5 Describe the effects of Acid Rain on lakes in lakes, lower PH levels can be deadly to algae
People and the Environment
#1 define carrying capacity the number of individuals an environment can support
#2 define direct harvesting species that are removed from their habitat
#3 name one human activity that may destroy a habitat building malls or parking lots
#4 define the term poaching illegally capturing or killing an organism
#5 What is one bird that is now extinct because of uncontrolled hunting passenger pigeon
Air Pollution
#1 true or false: wastes are let into the atmosphere they do not affect the environment false
#2 name a fossil fuel coal
#3 name two things air pollution can damage species and their habitats along with humans
#4 what are the main things that burn fossil fuels cars and factories
#5 what is given off when fossil fuels burn CO2 and other gases
Final Question